P. Chekhori (MS), Secretary , Diabetes Foundation Mauritius
+230 57264105


  1. To provide help and support to individuals affected by non-communicable disorders especially diabetes and their families in order to enhance their lifestyles through education, counseling, and social welfare.
  1. The association will be a bridge between members and the medical team by promoting a closer relationship based on understanding and support.
  1. Create public awareness campaign through education and media in order to reduce the stigma that goes with these conditions thus promoting the psychological health of all concerned
  1. Raise the appropriate funds to help those members who need extra treatment and other welfare issues and to support screening programs and research.
  1. Produce relevant literature in the way of pamphlets, and leaflets for both the professional and public.
  1. Encourage screening to all interested parties by providing information and counseling.
  1. To promote research locally and with international collaboration.
  1. Run a self-help group to support members and to enhance their health, to train people for such action.
  1. To create international links with other groups, federations, and centers of excellence.
  1. Capacity Building – Train and empower health personnel.