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Diabetes Foundation

Diabetes Foundation Mauritius (DFM) is a voluntary and active Non-Governmental Organisation created in April 2006 and registered with the Registrar of Associations on 11 April 2007.

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DFM lay much emphasis  the early detection of diabetes and its risk factors

DFM is composed of experienced technical and administrative professionals as well as social workers in the field of diabetes.


Carried out by DFM

1 . Public Awareness/Sensitization Campaigns on Diabetes throughout the island of Mauritius.

2.  Survey on Effect of Green Tea and Fermented Papaya on Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease in collaboration with the University of Mauritius and Ministry of Health and Quality of Life. 

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Challenges ahead


To provide help and support to individuals affected by non-communicable disorders specially diabetes and their families in order to enhance their lifestyles through education, counselling and social welfare.

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Diabetes Foundation Mauritius


Universal understanding of diabetes and its complications in the Mauritian population




1. To collaborate and assist government, NGOs and international organisations in the implementation of diabetes – related programmes.

Assistance and Support

2. To provide assistance and support to individuals affected by diabetes as well as to their families.


3. To create awareness and organise prevention campaigns aiming at reducing the level of diabetes in the population

Reverse the incidenc

4. To reverse the incidence and subsequently the prevalence rates of the disease.

improving quality of lifestyles

To support all programmes aiming at improving quality of life and changing of lifestyles.

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