P. Chekhori (MS), Secretary , Diabetes Foundation Mauritius
+230 57264105


Diabetes Foundation Mauritius (DFM) is a voluntary and active Non-Governmental Organisation created in April 2006 and registered with the Registrar of Associations on 11 April 2007. The Registration Number is 9820. DFM is also enrolled on the list of Approved NGOs by the National Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSR) and bears the Accreditation Number N/1367.

DFM is composed of experienced technical and administrative professionals as well as social workers in the field of diabetes. Most of the DFM members are active healthcare providers at different levels from consultants to healthcare assistants and have to be empowered to serve the population, in particular persons with diabetes.

DFM addresses issues in the interest of the community without impinging on the objectives of the other existing associations. It will strengthen links with other associations both locally and internationally so that it may respond better to the needs of its members and to that of the local community.

The major aim of DFM is to fight the diabetes pandemic and provide appropriate mechanisms and frameworks to support the population as much as diabetes is concerned.

Mauritius is known to have a high prevalence of diabetes and pre-diabetes (about 50% of the Mauritian population), and there is an urgent need for a structured, organized, and committed organization to be on the field to respond to the needs of these people.

Diabetes Foundation Mauritius enhances public awareness through the conduct of aggressive sensitization and prevention campaigns on problems related to diabetes.

DFM also lay much emphasis on the early detection of diabetes and its risk factors. Hence, we carry out diabetes screening programs for persons at high risk of developing diabetes throughout the island of Mauritius, especially in the outreached regions which are in the pocket of poverty.

We also organize aggressive sensitization/counseling programs throughout the country for persons with diabetes and their families because it is obvious that persons with diabetes require ongoing support and more vigorous counseling on the management of diabetes, especially additional guidance on the successful monitoring and management of their blood glucose level, eating habits and healthy lifestyles.

We have been closely associated with the prevention and in improving the quality of care regarding diabetes.  Our organization aims at supporting the population at large in the fight against diabetes. As an NGO working closely with the community, we are conscious of the high prevalence of diabetes and pre-diabetes in the Mauritian population.

The considerable efforts which are being put in by the Government to influence and motivate people to change behaviors and adopt a healthy lifestyle for the prevention of diabetes have to be supported by concrete actions by NGOs, civil society, and other stakeholders. In this respect, Diabetes Foundation Mauritius is fully committed to reversing the high prevalence of diabetes.